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Electric Motor, Pump Repair, & Rotating Equipment Division

Red River Pump Specialists is now offering  complete rewind and repair of AC and DC motors.  Once your motor is in our facility, it will be taken care of by our expert technicians. Our Electric Motor, Pump Repair, & Rotating Equipment Division uses state of the art, industry leading technology to put your motors through multiple stages of testing and inspections to ensure that the cause of failure is determined and resolved.

We understand that downtime is crucial in our industry, and that is why we keep a large range of assorted bearings, wires, parts, and other materials in stock. All motors will be test run and undergo a final inspection before being returned to our customers.

Once our customers' motors have been completely disassembled, all machined faces, bearing housings, bearing journals, and machined fits will be dimensionally inspected and measured. All measurements will be recorded and documented.

All rotating equipment repaired at Red River Pump Specialists will be balanced to industry standards or below and a complete balance report will be available upon request. All windings must pass three different electrical testing procedures to ensure that your motor will operate properly. We only use class H material and inverter duty wire.

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